Urea is a molecule naturally present in the surface layer of our skin that composes the natural hydration factor of the skin. It is a humectant substance, capable of absorbing moisture and then returning it to the skin.
UREA It is used in creams with different purposes in proportion to the percentage in which it is present in the compound.
  • In concentrations of less than 10% it favors water retention and is used for moisturizing purposes also as a stimulant to reactivate the body’s production of collagen. In this percentage you can find it in shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers
  • In concentrations above 20% it is used to improve skin renewal, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Often it is used for exfoliating gel scrubs
  • In concentrations above 40% it removes very thickened layers such as those of the heels and it is for this reason that it is often used in foot creams. In this percentage it is often used to treat atopic dermatitis

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