Your body oil

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Concrete commitment

Active ingredients ed effects

Effective in prevent the onset of stretch marks during pregnancy or weight changes
Safe thanks to its formula without dyes, petrolatum and formaldehyde
Practical , because it absorbs quickly and avoids having to wait a long time to put your clothes on
Perfect for massages for self or partner care for its excellent smoothness and texture pleasant to the touch
Softening, protective against the aggression of atmospheric agents, giving elasticity and softness given by the rich and nourishing texture
Nourishing and regenerating for dry and mature, devitalized, rough, dehydrated or dull skin
Pleasant for the after baby bath child thanks to a sweet and delicate fragrance

Treat yourself to a regenerating pampering!

Safe use

Sometimes it is necessary to say no. We, for the formulation of Maya , have decided to say:


Quick absorption


fight against stretch marks

ease of application

pleasant scent

Why choose our products

Our formulations are designed to guarantee the naturalness of the product without neglecting its quality and effectiveness.

The pleasant textures and the delicate fragrances are accompanied by the gratification resulting from the use of an effective and safe formulation .

Our Italian production is synonymous with excellence, perfection of details and continuous research .
Your body oil