Have you ever experienced the sensation of using the perfect cosmetic for you?

The one that leaves you completely satisfied and fits your idea of product, quality, practicality, packaging, ethics? We do not.

We tried many of them until we realized that, to have a product as we wanted it, we could only do one thing: create it!

As we draw on a white sheet we have given shape to our ideas. We strongly wanted and created a line of cosmetics that could adapt to modern life and the hectic times that it imposes on us but without losing sight of our values:

Effectiveness and self-care

Being satisfied with our image makes us more confident and able to face our small and big daily challenges with the right confidence in ourselves.

Furthermore, it is useless to deny it, the opinion that others have of us, even if we can ignore it, affects our lives, the opportunities we are given, the approach that people have towards us.

Having an aspect that we love and with which we feel in balance contributes to our daily well-being, both physical and mental.

It therefore becomes essential to use effective products that really help us improve.

We at Igeanatura believe that every little moment we dedicate to ourselves can become an opportunity for well-being.

We strive every day to create something that can give you pleasant, enveloping moments and that make you feel satisfied and pampered.


Everyone’s day is full of things to do: from business appointments to personal commitments.

The rhythms are pressing and often we cannot change them but it is right and necessary to take care of ourselves and the environment around us. This takes time that we often do not have and we end up neglecting ourselves or taking away time from our loved ones or our passions.

This is one of the aspects that we take into consideration most in the study of our products, from the formulation to the packaging. They must be effective, practical, easily usable and transportable.

We want to leave you free to choose how and with whom to spend your time without having to give up taking care of yourself and your well-being.


We believe that things can be done in many ways and we try to do them in one way only: at best!

Less waste: Each product is set up to reduce waste. You don’t use your money to buy a cosmetic that stays at the bottom of the tube but to use it! Our packages allow you to minimize waste by helping you to use the right amount of product and to use it to the maximum possible yield.

More nature: we strongly believe in the power of nature and for this reason many of our active ingredients are of natural origin. We believe in it so much that we believe it is essential to respect it and do our best to make our life and our daily actions in balance with it. This is why we have a low use of packaging and we often rely with love on recycled or recyclable materials.

We are also cruelty free and do not test on animals.

Made in Italy

Being “made in Italy”is not just a state of affairs but a real philosophy that translates into a guarantee of quality.

Our work is characterized by:

  • continuous research
  • innovation
  • safety and compliance with regulations
  • product design
  • accuracy and innovation