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Active ingredients and effects

Botulinum-like peptide is a particular substance that gives an effect very similar to that of botulinum toxin.

It is the largest NON-invasive and painless alternative to Botulin on the market today. it penetrates the dermis and relaxes the mimic muscles responsible for the appearance of expression lines, giving you a youthful, harmonious and natural appearance.

It has nothing to do with some effects given by the surgeon administering excessive quantities of traditional Botox.

It combats the action of free radicals and improves the appearance of the skin with a mix of natural oils and Vitamin E

It protects, calms inflammation and irritation with chamomile, calendula, botanical extracts and hydrolyzed oat proteins.
It gives tone and stimulation of collagen production thanks to 8 esters and the unsaponifiables of olive oil.
It prevents excessive loss of water from the skin thanks to beeswax
It is not greasy with its soft, rich and velvety texture which is pleasant to the touch

Visible regeneration after a short time from application!



Before After

Look at the skin before and after applying Ebe

Safe use

Sometimes it is necessary to say no.
We for the formulation of Ebe have decided to say:

The packaging

IgeaNatura has decided to use “Air-less” packaging for its products (ie “less air”).

These special packs have an internal drum that lifts automatically with each use and allows you to minimize the air that can come into contact with the cream.


Best conservation

Quick and accurate dosage

Reduction of waste

High level (INCI) formulation

Why choose our products

Our formulations are designed to ensure the naturalness of the product without neglecting its quality and effectiveness.

The pleasant textures and delicate fragrances are accompanied by the gratification resulting from the use of an effective and safe formulation.

Our Italian production is synonymous with excellence, perfection of details and continuous research.

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