Calendula is an annual herbaceous plant known for some time under the name of “orange flower”. Its stems can reach about 70 cm with various branches at the ends of which yellow-orange flowers develop.

In addition to being an ornamental plant, it represents a real resource in the cosmetic field because:

  • improves skin turnover
  • promotes collagen synthesis, giving a more compact and younger-looking skin
  • performs an emollient and protective action against irritation
  • useful against dermatitis and eczema ideal for dry, cracked and delicate skin speeds up healing
  • soothes sunburn
  • protects before and after sun exposure useful against insect bites
  • fights acne
  • gives tone
  • it is excellent against chilblains of hands and feet
  • useful as anti-aging
  • decongests and hydrates
  • fights blackheads
  • tones the skin

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