Botox like

Botox like

It should be immediately clear that botulinum toxin is NOT present in the Botox like creams, but substances that simulate its effects and decontract the mimic muscles: the “Peptides”.

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They are small sequences of highly functional amino acids that are easily accepted by the epidermis.

Their operation is simple. When applied on the skin, they penetrate the epidermis and they bind to specific receptors that are on the walls of our cells, giving indications of what the cell must do. They therefore replace the natural messengers of our body for certain functions.

The Peptides can therefore give different indications based on the type of amino acid considered and the botulinum-like peptides are those that allow to create an effect similar to the traditional Botox. In fact, they have the ability to relax the mimic muscles and result in the relaxation of wrinkles.

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