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Why choose our products

Our formulations are designed to guarantee the naturalness of the product without neglecting its quality and effectiveness.

The pleasant textures and delicate fragrances are accompanied by use of a deriving and safe gratification.

Our Italian production is synonymous with excellence, perfection of details and continuous research.

We pay close attention to the choice of packaging for our products. We want them to be practical and safe and that is why we choose containers that minimize the possibility of contact with contaminating elements such as air or the consumer’s fingers.

In addition to ensuring ease of storage, our packages are designed to reduce product waste in its entirety by using it to the last drop. Thanks to the innovative airless technology (ie without air), the product is not contaminated, allowing greater use of the active ingredients contained in the formulation and significantly reducing the need for whiteners and preservatives.

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ESSENTIAL OIL OF BERGAMOT Bergamot essential oil is obtained from Citrus bergamia which is a plant of the Rutaceae family. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the peel, because it is precisely in the glands scattered in this area that you can find the pure essence. Once diluted, the essential oil of bergamot can be […]

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SHEA BUTTER SHEA BUTTER Shea butter is obtained from the nut of the fruit of the Mangifolia tree. This tree is not cultivated but it grows spontaneously in nature. It is obtained with a long and laborious manual procedure. Here it is mainly used in the cosmetic field but in some countries it is also […]

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GUAR RUBBER GUAR RUBBER AND COSMETICS Guar gum is obtained from the ground seeds of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba, a plant typical of Pakistan, Australia, Africa and the southern United States. It is widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food sectors. In cosmetics, guar gum is used in hair care products, toothpastes, cleansers, body emulsions and […]

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